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You may be looking for the Tenth Doctor short story or the 2020 non-narrative prose piece.

Meet the Doctor was the second prose story published in the 2006 Doctor Who Annual. Paired with Meet Rose, Meet the Doctor was one of two prose pieces submitted to the Annual by then-showrunner Russell T Davies.

As the title implied, it served to familiarise the readers with the character of the Doctor and his new place in the universe in the new status quo of Series 1: the survivor of a terrifying temporal conflict. This made it the first story that was wholly about the Last Great Time War, then referred to as the Great Time War, rather than its consequence, and covered a lot of ground to which Davies would only return over half a decade later in Doctor Who and the Time War.


Before he found himself saving an ordinary Earth girl from rampaging Autons and falling back into his old ways, the Doctor had sworn that those days were behind him. Just what happened to the Doctor to make him make such a promise to himself?


For years leading up to the conflict, the two superpowers that are the Time Lords and the Daleks have been testing each other's strength, with one of the Dalek Puppet Emperors "openly declaring his hostility" to the High Council of the Time Lords and an attempt being made to replace its members with Dalek duplicates. In the end, it was the Time Lords who fired the "first shot" by sending one incarnation of the Doctor back in time in an ill-fated effort to prevent the rise of the Daleks.

Weak peace attempts are made, such as the Act of Master Restitution under which President Romana attempts to create a peace treaty with the Daleks, but one way or another, War breaks out for good, a fact some claim was a direct consequence of the so-called Etra Prime Incident. Reaching back into their own history, the Time Lords assemble a fleet of bowships, Black Hole Carriers and N-Forms, matched by the Daleks via the unleashing of the "full might" of the Deathsmiths of Goth by the Daleks, who are led into battle by their Emperor in the flesh.

Yet the physical War is fought in the Time Vortex of which the Time Lords had earlier dubbed themselves the protectors, and beyond even that, in the Ultimate Void, so the Lesser Species live in ignorance of what passes beyond their perception — but not the Higher Species such as the Forest of Cheem, the Nestene Consciousness (to whom its planets are lost because of the War) and the Greater Animus. Even the Eternals, despairing of this reality, decide to flee their "hallowed halls" never to return.

Years pass, and suddenly, after raging on and on, the War ends. All the universe at large can gather is that only one man walked out alive of the ruins of Gallifrey and Skaro, a Renegade Time Lord calling himself the Doctor. His hearts heavy with all he has seen (and all he has done), the Doctor decides that it is to be his punishment to travel alone from this day forward.

For all these reasons and more, when the Doctor comes to Earth tracking down the Nestene Consciousness, he has no plans to take on new companions, even though humans were once his favorite species. Yet all that changes when he takes the hand of one particular Earthling called Rose Tyler and looks into her eyes. The journey starts again.

Yet far away, on the planet Crafe Tec Heydra, carvings concerning "the invsible War" fought between a race of flesh and a race of metals suggest that the lone survivor who walked away from the wreckage of the final explosion beware. "You are not alone…"




  • Despite the official statement from Russell T Davies in DWM 356 that due to BBC regulations if nothing else, the Time War of the new TV series could not be conflated with the War of the novels, the text of this piece gestures at the two being the same, in that it occasionally slips into referring to the war between the Time Lords and the Daleks as simply "the War", and to the species not part of the conflict as "the Lesser Species". Furthermore, it definitively states that there were only two major Time Wars before it and that it was the final Great Time War.
  • The only incarnation of the Doctor to be depicted (via photographs) is the Ninth Doctor, the one who meets Rose Tyler at the end of the story in a retelling of the first few minutes of Rose. The Doctor involved in the Time War itself is not identified one way or another. In light of Davies' later Doctor Who and the Time War, it would appear that he was picturing Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor.