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Meet Missy! was a short story published in Doctor Who The Official Annual 2016. It was written in the first person from Missy's perspective and saw the Master summarising their own life story.


Missy tells her life story — from the day she first met the Doctor to her escape from the Dalek City on the reborn post-War Skaro!



  • Missy refers to Clara Oswald as her latest minion, whom she describes as "scarier" than past allies of hers, including the Nestenes, the Daleks and her "Cyberdears".
  • According to Missy, she and the Doctor stared into the Untempered Schism together as "little boys"; he was fine while the Master-to-be "went completely gaga", albeit finding the experience pleasurable.
  • Missy notes that she has spent "the last few thousand years" trying to "obliterate" the Doctor.


  • This story was the first to suggest that the Decayed Master, first seen in TV: The Deadly Assassin was not simply the result of them continuing to survive after an injury or reaching an extremely old age, but rather the result of the Master's thirteenth incarnation attempting one more regeneration despite being at the end of his regeneration cycle — resulting in "his face falling off". This idea would later be picked up on by the Thirteenth Doctor in PROSE: The Doctor vs the Master.
  • Missy is shown to only remember the "Tremas" Master's contact with the Cheetah virus very vaguely. This is an apparent reference to the variety of conflicting accounts of how the Master's struggle with the virus played out after the events of TV: Survival.