The Meeps were a species of furry creatures, more dangerous than they appeared.

Biology Edit

Meeps were spherical creatures with large ears, a short nose and almond-shaped eyes. Their dense fur concealed a pouch and their blood was green. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast) They had white fur and pink feet and hands. (COMIC: Star Beast II, PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Technology Edit

Meeps used neutron drive star cruisers to travel, which used star jumps to travel vast distances. These ships produced Black Sun radiation, which could control individuals. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast) They also used laser pistols which had no stun settings. The pistols could be made to discharge constantly and harmlessly, causing them to be become less powerful over time. (AUDIO: The Ratings War)

History Edit

Originally the Meeps were a highly advanced, peaceful race, envied for their happiness. The race was mutated by the rays of a Black Sun, which turned them into conquest hungry, planet-grabbing killers. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast)

According to one account, all of the Meeps apart from their leader Beep were wiped out when the Wrarth Warriors destroyed their armada at the Battle of Yarras in the 20th century. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Star Beast) Other accounts held that the race survived afterwards.

Eventually, they returned to their peaceful nature, though they were still a cunning and resourceful species, taking advantage of their seemingly harmless nature. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

A drunken Meep on Maruthea approached the Seventh Doctor and his future incarnation to claim some kind of bounty. The Freefall Warriors attacked him and everyone began fighting each other. (COMIC: Party Animals)

At some point before the 26th century members of the Slitheen family impersonated Meeps. (PROSE: The Monsters Inside)

In the 37th century, a Meep was at the Oriel art gallery. (COMIC: Art Attack)

During the 40th century, the Meeps successfully petitioned the Galactic Federation to stop the production of stuffed Meep toys, finding them offensive. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

In the Olympics of 3999, several Meeps were participating, including one who competed against Kyle Dale in the discus throw. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

Behind the scenes Edit

What colour is a Meep? Edit


Paul Vyse's colours. (COMIC: Star Beast II)

The first reprint of a Meep story was in Marvel's US title Doctor Who. Andy Yanchus and the cover colourist George Roussos coloured the Meeps blue and the Wrarth Warriors green. David Leach in the Marvel UK title The Incomplete Death's Head (in a reprint of Party Animals) and Charlie Kirchoff in IDW Publishing's Doctor Who Classics coloured the Meeps grey, and the latter coloured the Wrarth Warriors green.

Beep the Meep Colour

Beep appears blue in the DW84 1 reprint.

Doctor Who Classic Comics coloured Beep light grey and the Wrarth Warriors brown. The first UK reprint and the sequel comic (originally printed in colour) were both done by Paul Vyse, who made the Meeps white and the Wrarth Warriors brown. The novel Placebo Effect also describes Meeps in Vyse's colours.

To make it more complicated, a mock-interview from DWM 419 depicts Beep, thus far officially white, as purple.

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