A medical bay, med-bay for short, or sickbay, was a location on a ship, station or base meant to render medical aid to that vehicle or place's crew and passengers. Medical bays came in all sizes and shapes, and served a variety of purposes from general aid to very specialized care.

The Doctor's TARDIS had a sickbay. (TVThe Invasion of Time, Cold BloodAUDIOThe Angel of Scutari, The Blood Furnace) It may have been as big as an entire hospital ward. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

The SS Pentallian boasted a fairly well-equipped med bay with a stasis chamber and a wide range of scanning technology. It was able to print scan results on to clear sheets for easy reading. (TV: 42)

The Tsuranga was a medical ship that had four separate medical pods, each serving a variety of their own purposes, from physical injury recovery to birthing chambers. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum)

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