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Medderton, notoriously nicknamed "The Cursed Village", was a village in Devon famed for the mysterious disappearance of all of its residents on two occasions: first in 1901, then again on 21 November 1967. Though unreported at the time, these incidents were caused by the Weeping Angels.


Medderton was located on the coast of Devon. Notable locations within the village included the church and graveyard, a seemingly "Stone Age burial site" which first appeared in 1901, and the home of Professor Jericho. (TV: Village of the Angels)



Peggy, a young resident of Medderton from 1967, found herself in 1901 after having been displaced in time by a Weeping Angel.

The Weeping Angels arrived in the village later the same year, using a form of transport made from stone which later inhabitants would mistake for an excavated Stone Age burial site. At the time of their arrival, the Angels extracted the village in a process known as Quantum Extraction.

Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis, after having been displaced, found themselves in the eerily empty village shortly after. Professor Jericho soon followed.

When the village returned to the correct time and place, all the residents had disappeared.

Over the years which followed, new residents moved into the village - unaware of the Angels living dormantly at the nearby "burial site". (TV: Village of the Angels)


Claire Brown, displaced by a Weeping Angel from 21st century Liverpool, found herself in 1965, and arrived in the village shortly after. Aware of Claire's presence, along with that of a "Rogue Angel" hiding inside her, the Angels left their hibernation to extract the target on behalf of the Division.

Sixty-six years on from the disappearances of 1901, Peggy went missing and the village was once again extracted by the Angels.

The Thirteenth Doctor arrived in the village with Yaz and Dan. Villagers, including Peggy's relatives Gerald and Jean, were out in search of her. Yaz and Dan joined them in the search, but they too were displaced in time.

Aware of the Doctor's presence in the village, the "Rogue Angel" made a bargain with the Division. The Angel offered the Doctor in exchange for its freedom and the Divsion accepted. Lured to the "burial site", the Doctor was imprisoned as a Weeping Angel and recalled to Division. (TV: Village of the Angels)

When the village returned to the correct time and place, all the residents had again disappeared. Following two separate spates of disappearances, the newly-formed UNIT moved into the village and turned it into a locked encampment. (TV: Survivors of the Flux)