Mecrim were genetically engineered as weapons for use in the Human-Draconian War by Project Mecrim.

Biology Edit

The scientific designation for the Mecrim was:

Order: Reptiloprimate
Family: Astridae
Genus and species: Singropoda mecrimus

The Mecrim tracked their victims by heat, and perceived their own species heat patterns as friendly. They had some hearing and couldn't quite reach things on their back.

They were 1.6 metres to the shoulder, weighed up to 150kg, and had no external gender differences.

They had four arms, two with four digit hands and hooked claws on the other two, which were able to push through materials almost by a phasing effect.

They had two insect-like legs, an internal skeleton and a vestigial exoskeleton. The top layer of muscle was a skin substitute and acted as additional armour.

They reached sexual maturity in two to five years, had a six month gestation period, and had one to two young at a time. Their lifespan was about twenty years.

They ate large mammals, carrion, supplemented by berries and bark, and lived in large social groups. (PROSE: The Menagerie)

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