Mechanistria was a planet and the home to the Korad.

Astronomical Data Edit

Mechanistria was an Earth-like planet, orbiting a yellow sun and having a similar atmosphere. Originally, Mechanisria had forests, mountains and oceans like any other planet, but the Mechanistrians later tore them all down and covered the whole planet in metal. (PROSE: Peril in Mechanistria)

History Edit

Mechanistria, once known as Korad, was a green world similar to Earth and was home to a humanoid race known as the Korad. At some point in the Korads' technological evolution, the race split in two with the lower class mechanics continuing to be known as Korad and the ruling upper class known as Mechanistrians or Wise Ones. The Mechanistrians began melding their brains to the machines and took control of the planet. The forests, mountains and oceans were destroyed to make way for more machines. Soon, the machines were the effective rulers of the planet, keeping the Korads only for repairs. Though some revolts were attempted, they were crushed, leaving the Korads in their servitude. This continued for nearly ten million years.

When the First Doctor came to the planet after an incident with the Daleks, he was taken by the Korads to one of their underground havens. When he told them of his TARDIS, the Korad Drako planned to use it to go back in time and remove the mechanical influences from the planet. Though Beran and the machines tried to stop him, the Doctor and Drako were able to get to the TARDIS. With it, Drako was brought back in time, where he hoped to prevent the history he knew from coming into being. (PROSE: Peril in Mechanistria)