Meat was the fourth episode of the second series of Torchwood.

This episode saw Rhys Williams learn the truth about Torchwood and aliens. From a production point of view, it saw Rhys start to take a more prominent role in the series, which would be continued in the next two series.


Gwen is forced to reveal Torchwood's true nature to Rhys after he follows her to work and accidentally uncovers the truth behind the mysterious alien meat. Is there a price to pay for Gwen, Rhys or Torchwood?


Rhys Williams is driving. One of his work colleagues phones him to say one of their firm's lorries has crashed. When he arrives at the crash site, he is told that the driver died in the crash. Rhys gives a police officer the driver's details and is informed that, before he can move the lorry, Torchwood want to look at it. When they arrive, Rhys spots Gwen.

The Torchwood team search the lorry. They find meat in the back and confiscate all of it. They will take a sample back to the Hub. Gwen recognises the lorry as one from Rhys' firm. They head back to the Hub and Rhys tries to follow them, but is turned away by the police.

Back at the Hub, Owen notices the symbol saying the meat is fit for human consumption is fake. Gwen tries to dismiss any thought of Rhys being involved with the meat. Toshiko rings Rhys' office for information, pretending to be the police. Rhys informs them the meat comes from Harries & Harries. Moments later, Owen says the meat is alien. The team realise it must have been in different food products for months. As they discuss the location of Harries & Harries, Gwen receives a text from Rhys, asking her to come home.

When Gwen arrives at her flat, Rhys explains about the accident and the meat in the back on the van to see if she breaks. When it fails, Gwen goes back to work.

Rhys follows her. He sees Gwen with Jack near the invisible lift in Roald Dahl Plass. He follows her to the factory where he is captured and taken inside. Jack and Gwen see this and think that he is involved.

Rhys is taken inside and is questioned. He explains about Leighton and lies about the meat being taken away, claiming it had been incinerated. He asks to pick up from where Leighton left off. They have captured a living alien, the source of the meat. It grows even as they cut chunks of its living flesh.

Back at their flat, Rhys and Gwen argue over her presence at the crash and the factory. Gwen admits to the nature of her work for Torchwood. Rhys remains incredulous and asks her to prove it.

Rhys sees hub

Rhys wonders at Gwen's workplace.

In the Hub, the team await Gwen and Rhys's arrival. Gwen takes Rhys to the invisible lift. As they descend, Rhys is amazed, but still passes off Myfanwy as being extinct. He is introduced to Jack, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto and is told about what Torchwood actually does. Rhys tells the team what he saw in the warehouse. Jack and Rhys argue about Rhys messing things up and about being able to get back in. Rhys says he can get them in because he became a delivery boy. Jack calls a meeting.

Rhys shows them where everything is on the warehouse blueprints. Gwen is adamant that Rhys is not to get involved, but Jack and Rhys insist the idea is their only option. They will go in with stun guns, since the people are not organised criminals. Jack gives Gwen the option to stand down from the mission, since Rhys's involvement might make her vulnerable. She declines. Jack tells the team they will save the alien and send it back through the Rift.

Owen makes a model of what he thinks the creature might look like. Toshiko brings him a sandwich and admires it beauty. Toshiko offers to keep Owen company while he works, but he gives her the work since he feels knackered. The pair spy on Gwen and Toshiko musters up the courage to ask Owen out for a game of pool. Owen misreads the signs and thinks she means a Torchwood tournament.

Rhys and Jack get the van for the infiltration. On their way to get the rest of the team, Jack explains why Gwen was picked for Torchwood. Jack and the others climb into the back of the van. They drive to the warehouse. Rhys tries to buy time for the team to get out of the van, then realises they have already gone.

Ianto and Owen enter a room filled with meat. Jack, Gwen and Toshiko enter the room where the alien is held. After taking out some of the workers, they find they are armed. Rhys's cover is blown and Ianto is captured. They are brought into the main room, where they learn the alien is dubbed the 'Cash Cow'. Gwen reveals herself to save Rhys. Jack and Toshiko are spotted. Jack tells Dale and the others they actually have an alien, which stuns them. Rhys is shot and Ianto unties his hand and grabs Dale's gun hand, making him fire at the Cash Cow and the ropes tying it down.
Tosh comforts owen

Tosh comforts Owen as he euthanises the creature.

As the ropes break and the Cash Cow moves all over the place, Ianto goes after Dale and the others. Storming through the room, Ianto stuns Dale and the other worker. Owen is informed that the sedative won't work, leaving him with no option but to euthanise it. Owen bandages Rhys's wound as the Cash Cow dies.

Rhys new outlook

Rhys tells Gwen about his new outlook.

Back at the Hub, Owen patches up Rhys' wound and Jack says they gave the workers amnesia pills to forget what they did during the past months. Jack tells Gwen Rhys must be given a pill too. She asks if she can give it to him.

On exiting the Hub, Rhys has a changed view of the world. Gwen cannot bring herself to give him the pill. Jack relents, unwilling to fire Gwen and lose her from the team.



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Foods and beverages

Welsh locations


  • The meat has a high level of chloride.
  • Ketamine is used in the injection for the alien.


  • Rhys once picked Leighton up to go to see football.
  • Toshiko asks Owen to a game of pool.


  • Dragon Rescue is the name of the crane company at the site of the lorry crash.

Real world

  • As Rhys offers to drive the team to the warehouse, Gwen compares the idea to the cartoon Scooby Doo.
  • Ianto mentions Ahab.

Story notes

  • The episode aired for the first time in Canada at the same time as a tainted meat outbreak in that country was causing mass recalls and deaths.[1]
  • The theme of humans exploiting alien life forms would be touched on again only two episodes later in Reset, as well as in the Doctor Who episodes Planet of the Ood and The Beast Below.


  • Unofficial overnight ratings - 2.9 million viewers

Filming locations

  • Roald Dahl Pass: Rhys watches Gwen with Jack
  • Imperial Park Bypass: Lorry crash
  • Mount Stuart Square: Torchwood hides in Rhys's van.
  • Trident Park: Meat warehouse (interior/exterior)
  • Senedd Building: Gwen and Rhys talk
  • Mermaid Quayside: Gwen and Rhys head home
  • BBC studios

Production errors

If you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.
  • Although Rhys is wearing handcuffs when he is shot in the shoulder, he still manages to flail his arms around.
  • When Owen and Ianto are at the slaughter house, Ianto talks to Jack over the com. He presses it and it beeps, but the com unit isn't there.


  • This is the second time Rhys learns of Torchwood. After he learned about them the first time, he was given retcon. (TW: Combat)
  • Gwen talks about retcon and how it makes you forget. Gwen was previously retconned when she first met Torchwood in Everything Changes.


DVD releases

  • Meat was released with the rest of the second series of Torchwood in a complete series box set in 2008.

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