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Mean Streets is the eighth Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures novel. It featured Bernice Summerfield and Chris Cwej returning to the planet Megerra, which was first introduced in author Terrance Dicks' novel Shakedown.

Publisher's summary[]

"It's got to be stopped; it's an abomination, a crime against humanity."

The Project: a criminal scheme so grand in scale that it casts a shadow across a hundred worlds. So secret that none but an elusive inner circle know its nature or its purpose. It could involve drugs, computer crime or a brilliant new con. Everyone has a theory; no one really knows.

On a trip to the sprawling den of iniquity that is Megacity, an ex-Adjudicator called Roz Forrester heard of this elaborate scheme. Her interest piqued, she asked her squire to return one day with her. After all, a crime against humanity is everyone's business.

Chris Cwej is not a man to forget such a promise. His old partner may be dead, but the Project case will be one for her memory — a way to say goodbye. All he needs is a new confederate: someone ready to risk all for old time's sake. Fortunately, it's the end of term and Professor Bernice Summerfield is looking for excitement. So, a new crime-fighting duo is forged in the bars of Dellah — one prepared to take on a faceless foe and expose the ultimate crime.


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Art Objects[]

Business owners[]

Drugs and medicines[]


  • Lucifer looks a bit like a demon / devil.
  • Garshak (the super intelligent Ogron) is no longer Police Chief.
  • The Project was something Chris and Roz heard about in passing on their previous trip to Megacity whilst hunting a Rutan.


  • This is Chris's second visit to Megacity.



  • Many Ursines work as bouncers and enforcers.
  • Many Dethak work as mercenaries and assassins.


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