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Me and My Shadow was the main comic story in Doctor Who Magazine #318. It didn't feature the physical presence of the Doctor at all, but rather showed Fey Truscott-Sade confronting Nazis in 1941 Austria.

Despite the lack of the Doctor, it is difficult to characterise this story as a "secondary" or "backup" comic story, since it directly tied into some of the most significant plot threads of the Eighth Doctor's run in DWM. Its chief narrative importance was in showing how the gestalt character of Feyde, last seen in the story Wormwood, came to again travel in the TARDIS.

Although no panel ever features the Doctor directly, he is present through his communication with the Shayde half of Feyde. Thus, the story is perhaps best thought of as a "Doctor-lite" story rather than a "backup" or "non-Doctor" story.


On the Austrian-Swiss border, 1941, two figures hide from oncoming Nazi platoons. One of them, an old man, is wounded and tells his companion, codename: Nightingale, to go on without him. Nightingale initially refuses, but the old man, Jacob Gansmann, will not take no for an answer. Before he is captured, Jacob asks Nightingale to tell him Nightingale's true name:

"Yes...yes, of course. It's Fey. Fey Truscott-Sade.

Colonel Kessler, commander of the Nazi troops, arrives, very angry with the troops inability to retrieve the documents Fey and Jacob have stolen. He sets his vicious rottweiler on the captured Jacob. However, Jacob had given the documents to Fey, who has used a walkie-talkie she stole from a Nazi trooper to call Kessler and taunt him, before setting out to kill her attackers. Fey has one thing on her side: Shayde, who has woken and lets Fey use his powers to dispatch the Nazis from the shadows. With only Kessler left, he quivers in fear as Fey reveals herself. Kessler accuses her of being a witch and a demoness, and asks how she could accomplish such feats. She explains, then shoots him and leaves with the documents.

Later on a train to Zurich, Fey and Shayde argue over why Fey can't just shadow-slide to Berlin and kill Adolf Hitler, but the conversation is interrupted when Shayde receives a telepathic message from the Doctor...




  • This story continues in Uroboros, and ties into both Fey and Shayde's earlier appearances. Izzy Sinclair's overall story is entirely bound up with Fey's, making this Doctor-less adventure a vital part of the Eighth Doctor's DWM continuity.


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