You may be looking for the Sanctuary Base 6 executive.

DI McMillan was the Detective Inspector who witnessed the disappearance of the number 200 bus in 2009. He was also assigned to arrest Christina de Souza for robbery.

He developed an almost obsessive attachment to the case. When the Tenth Doctor returned the number 200 bus to Earth, McMillan was ready and waiting to arrest Christina, which he did so with unprofessional relish. His triumph did not last long; aided by the Doctor, who unlocked her handcuffs with his sonic screwdriver, Christina managed to escape the police car and reach the parked 200 bus.

McMillan angrily ordered her to get out and even had the audacity to attempt to arrest the Doctor for aiding Christina's escape, to which the Doctor replied, "Yes, I'll just step inside this police box and arrest myself", heading to the TARDIS while Christina made her escape in the bus, leaving McMillan screaming and shouting fruitlessly after her. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

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