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You may be looking for the building of the same name.

Maze of the Dead was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who: Monster Invasion website. Matt Smith provides his voice for the Eleventh Doctor.


The Eleventh Doctor has reached the Maze of the Dead. He has to race through the chambers, dodge the Weeping Angels and scan the boxes to reach the Byzantium space ship. Furthermore the batteries of his torch run out after some time, he needs to scan the boxes for spares. If it's completely dark the Weeping Angels attack.

How to play?[]

The Eleventh Doctor, a Weeping Angel and a time crystal

You have to use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move the Doctor through the chambers, use the mouse to move the torch. You need to scan the boxes to find usefull kits. To scan the boxes you have to get within a close range of them. Watch out for your torch, it will run out. If you see a Weeping Angel keep it in the light, otherwise it will attack and you will be teleported back into safety by the clerics. To get bonus points you need to collect time crystals.


  • Proximity Detector: If the Weeping Angels are close this device will light up green.
  • Torch Batteries: Find Batteries to keep the torch going.
  • Radiation Level: Find medi kits to keep your radiation level down.

Power-up rewards[]

If Monster Invasion magazine codes are added some special rewards are given to you.

  • Extra life: additional life
  • Speed bost: run faster
  • Battery life: the torch batteries run longer
  • Sonic Screwdriver booster: faster scanning
  • Bigger Torch: larger view


In each levels there were two chambers which needed to be completed, before another level could be reached.

  • Level 1: Cliff camp
  • Level 2: Lower burial room
  • Level 3: Upper burial room
  • Level 4: Lower Aplan temple
  • Level 5: Upper Aplan temple


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