"Mayakatula" was a female Mayakai warrior captured by an American naturalist named Fischer and presented to as a gift to King George III in 1774 by the American ambassador Charles Cleeve, who called her a supernatural ape. She was kept in the royal menagerie by Snaddon, who made sure she was fed chicken with all the bones carefully removed, and that she was kept within the "twelve stones of Mayakai initiation", which he believed she could not cross without showing her Moak how many enemies she'd killed. However, after Hobgatt carelessly fed her a monkey leg, she used the bone to make a bone-stave. She then used the stave to kill Snaddon and escape into London. (COMIC: Political Animals)

On the streets, she began a fearsome killing spree. Unfamiliar with the effects of the bones of native animals, she started experimenting with the effects of mouse bones, assembling them all in a church and attacking Isobel. However, instead of killing her, Mayakatula inducted Isobel into her culture, teaching her the basics of bone weaponry. (COMIC: Bêtes Noires & Dark Horses)

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