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May was, at least in the northern hemisphere of Earth, a spring month associated with the May Day festival, at least in England. The Third Doctor, Jo Grant, (TV: The Dæmons) and Tegan Jovanka (TV: The Awakening) were directly involved in May Day celebrations. The Doctor was assaulted by Morris dancers during one May Pole dance in the village of Devil's End, (TV: The Dæmons) while Tegan had to endure being forced to become the Queen of the May during the annual re-enactment of the English Civil War in Little Hodcombe. (TV: The Awakening)

By year

In 1937, George VI became King of the United Kingdom. (PROSE: Wolfsbane)

In 1940, Britain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands faced Nazi Germany in the Blitzkrieg. The mainland European nations were all overwhelmed and Britain was forced to retreat from the continent. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

In 1944, the US Army was amassing in England ahead of the planned landings in Normandy. The Valbrects attempted to infiltrate and take over their ranks in a bid to invade Earth but were exposed by the Twelfth Doctor. (PROSE: Base of Operations) The Allies also tried to deceive the Germans by luring the German 15th Army away from Normandy to a false target at the Pas de Calais. on 17 May, a Vvormak ship shot down over Turelhampton in Dorset led to the evacuation of the village so that this deception remained a secret. (PROSE: The Shadow in the Glass)

In 1945, the Third Reich surrendered, ending World War II in Europe. The Allies celebrated VE Day on 8 May, (PROSE: Magic of the Angels, AUDIO: Casualties of War, Churchill Victorious) although the surrender documents were signed to the Soviet Union on 9 May. (PROSE: Just War, AUDIO: Just War)

In 1951, the Festival of Britain was held. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus)

During the last few years of Ianto Jones' life, his bank card was due to expire in May of 2010. (AUDIO: Fall to Earth) By that time, he was already dead, having been killed during the invasion of the 456 in 2009. (TV: Children of Earth: Day Four)

In 2621, Imogen Tantry visited Wailing's Lace to investigate a group of Remote. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)