Maxwell O'Keefe was a rich businessman who owned many attractions. He delighted in excitement and amusing places and despised educational ones. He had a fondness for bossing people around and eating and therefore was fat.

Maxwell acquired his fortune with ease and did little work to earn it. He hired a man called Curtis Rabley as his personal assistant when he was caught trying to rob a bank. He was determined to buy the scientific Snowglobe 6 and turn it into a winter sports amusement park in 2099. Maxwell met with Beth Cowley, the current owner, to buy it. He stayed in Snowglobe 7.

He soon realised Beth was keeping a secret from him and set out to find it. He travelled with Curtis to Snowglobe 6, where they found dead bodies. They were attacked by Gappa. Curtis began shooting while Maxwell just stood still. When Curtis left, allegedly to get help, Maxwell didn't move. Unknown to him they detected movement with an echo location system. When Maxwell ran the Gappa caught him easily and made him into a host for a growing Gappa. Maxwell was presumed dead but his body was found by the Tenth Doctor in the Gappa's lair deep in Snowglobe 7. By this time the Gappa inside Maxwell was almost ready to hatch. The Gappa possessed Maxwell's mind using telepathy.

Maxwell attacked the Doctor but fell unconscious when the Gappa lost their hold on him. He was carried by Twelve and placed on an anti-gravity sled driven by the Doctor. He was taken to the hospital, where the Doctor used his mind to access the Gappa's mind through the telepathic link. Maxwell died with the Gappa inside him. (PROSE: Snowglobe 7)

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