Professor Maximillian Arrestis was a criminal kingpin and geneticist from around the 63rd century. He created the Lazarus Intent so that in case he was ever killed, a future devotee who discovered time travel would rescue him.

The person who saved him was not an adherent of the Intent. Rather, it was Alexhendri Lassiter, whose then-lover Hellenica Monroe was an extremely devout member of the religion.

Once he had acclimated to the 108th century, he resumed his criminal activities and became head of the Elective. He also created numerous clones of himself and scattered them about the galaxy. Able to transfer his mind between them, he felt assured he would never die.

He finally revealed his true identity to Monroe. Arrestis told her to send him via time gate to Hexdane, since he felt ready to reveal that he was Lazarus to everyone and thus take over the Intent. However, realising what such a megalomaniac would do with that much power, she changed the coordinates to return him to Sontar a moment after Lassiter had originally extracted him. Thus Arrestis' plan to cheat death ultimately failed. (PROSE: The Crystal Bucephalus)

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