Max Paul was an actor who worked at the Theatre de Baroque in Paris, described as "the most assassinated man in the world", due to dying on stage during every performance. The Eighth Doctor described him as having been dismembered, shot, stabbed, strangled, and burnt at least ten thousand times in his career, though the Doctor attributed this to clever special effects.

In reality, Max was indeed physically killed in each performance, but the effects were reversed after each show with a Quantic Reanimator, which undid the effects of the night. This was part of Max's role as his tribe's "scapegoat" — specifically chosen to be a continuously designated victim for his people, and revered for it. A quantogram was used to cover the repeated scars left from this cycle.

Max found himself attracted to Lucie Miller during his final performances. With help from the Doctor, he and his people returned to their home planet. (AUDIO: The Scapegoat)

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