Max Carson was the head of Carsons Plastics. He became a servant of the Nestene Consciousness along with Elizabeth Devonshire. Before 2009, he had been struggling to keep his business afloat, but was then aided by Devonshire and her "boss" in working at Hyperville. He was a major proponent of developing the material Plasticone 2, and helped activate the sleeper Autons in the attempted invasion of Earth in 2013. Carson was killed by Paul Kendrick and Beta-4 in Hyperville. (PROSE: Autonomy)

Personality Edit

Carson had bad luck in his business dealings and wanted to quit. He allied with the Nestene in the hopes of retiring to Barbados at some point. He was cowardly and would switch sides with whomever had the upper hand. However, when Sir Gerry asked how Carson had died, the Tenth Doctor claimed that Max had "died admirably". (PROSE: Autonomy)

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