The Mavora Collective were psychic predators that fed on and were fuelled by lies and fear.

Anatomy Edit

The Mavora resembled large squares made of energy with faces, and varied in colour. The spawn were each about the size of a small human, while the Queen was about the size of a large house. The Mavora existed in only two dimensions, and therefore they could slide between the atoms of the universe but had some difficulty navigating through physical space.

The Mavora could also devour and kill victims, reducing them to bones and ash in the process, simply by passing through them. However, the Mavora would also die if they had no fear or lies to feed off of; when a Mavora died, they would tear up like paper.

History Edit

During the 16th century, the Mavora were present at Prague to feed off the lies and negative emotions. They began to multiply and spread lies, fear and hatred throughout the city, until the Golem of Prague killed or imprisoned most of the Mavora spawn in The Sorrows of Prague, and the Queen beneath his crypt.

In 1989, Yuri Azarov and another Mavora worked to find The Sorrows of Prague and free the trapped Mavora. They eventually retrieved the book and freed the Mavora imprisoned inside. The Mavora spawn then travelled to Prague and began to spread war and lies, and the Mavora Queen awoke and started to grow stronger. However, the Mavora spawn quickly began to die from starvation when the people of Prague started to realise the truth, and the Queen was killed by Heather Lake using the Golem's power. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

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