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Maureen O'Brien (born 29 June 1943[1]) played the First Doctor's companion Vicki Pallister in Doctor Who, beginning with The Rescue and ending with The Myth Makers.

She has also appeared in many other television programmes, most notably Casualty.

Despite a stated lack of interest in science fiction (AUDIO: The Fearless: Part 1, extra interview), in recent years O'Brien has worked on a number of Doctor Who-related audio plays for Big Finish Productions, initially playing a new character for the Dalek Empire IV miniseries, as well as for the audio story Year of the Pig, then reprising the role of Vicki for the Companion Chronicles. She has also participated in DVD commentaries and interviews for BBC Video releases of stories from her era.

Outside Doctor Who, O'Brien these days is known as a best-selling author of mystery novels, beginning with Close-Up on Death, which was published in 1989. Her most recent, Every Step You Take, was published in 2004.

O'Brien is depicted in the 2013 docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time by Anna-Lisa Drew in one scene recreating the press photocall announcing O'Brien's casting in the series.



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