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You may be looking for his alternative self.

Lord Matthiasoviandra (Matthias for short) was a Time Lord who served as President of the High Council.


Early life[]

Lord Matthias was a respected and influential member of Gallifreyan society (AUDIO: Fractures) and long desired to become President of the High Council. (AUDIO: Panacea) He attended the trans-temporal conference and preached the importance of non-intervention and that temporal technology must be strictly governed. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

War with Pandora[]

During the Gallifreyan Civil War, Matthias sided with Romana II and served as a figurehead in the Capitol whilst she was in hiding. When Pandora's forces attacked the base in the Maelstrom Cloisters, he told Romana about Elbon's station in the Outlands where Leela and Narvin could receive medical care following the bombing at the Artron Forum and was evacuated to safety by Captain Annos. (AUDIO: Fractures)

Matthias took care of the surviving students of the Gallifreyan Academy and suggested that Romana delegate her responsibilities, something she was hesitant to do. He met with Darkel to discuss ways of ending the war and was given a disk allegedly containing imperiatrix codes, one which he was suspicious of and gave to Commander Hallan for analysis. He later worked as a double agent, helping capture Darkel, and was with Narvin and Elbon when Romana was put into the Matrix to defeat Pandora. (AUDIO: Warfare)

Becoming President[]

Following Pandora's defeat, Matthias declined Narvin's offer of becoming Acting-President as he believed that the role was rightfully Valyes' as Chancellor. He was wounded in the Sunari invasion and raised a temporary transduction barrier to keep further timeships from materialising, later being tasked by Romana with leading negotiations with the Temporal Powers. When Valyes made him a Cardinal and gave him the powers of the Chancellor, Matthias declared that he was effectively Vice President and claimed the Presidency, but the destruction of Sunari and Nekkistani ships due to his transduction barrier meant that there would instead be an election between him, Romana and Darkel. (AUDIO: Appropriation)

Matthias was assisted in his campaign to become President by Braxiatel. whom he secretly met with in the Vaults. He and Darkel impeached Romana and annulled her Presidency from the point that Pandora escaped from the Matrix, meaning that Braxiatel was the legal Chancellor and thus the new President. Braxiatel claimed the office and, after Darkel was killed by Pandora, he named Matthias as his successor and left Gallifrey, returning to his exile. (AUDIO: Mindbomb) Matthias kept Valyes as his Chancellor. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Presidency and resignation[]

Matthias became aware that the Dogma Virus was being spread throughout the Capitol by pig-rats and gave Acting-Castellan Annos a minimum number that he had to kill per day. He allowed Mephistopheles Arkadian to come to Gallifrey, knowing of his connections with Free Time, and offered to give him anything in return for a cure, agreeing to give him Pandora's stockpile of weapons. He employed K9 Mark II as head of the pest control operation and tried unsuccessfully to have the infected barricaded in the Vaults, finding himself cornered with Annos and with no idea of how to escape. (AUDIO: Panacea)

Matthias forcibly quarantined those infected with the virus using Shada technology, a controversial decision which led to civil war in which the Matrix was damaged. Once the virus was contained, he resigned without naming a successor and exiled himself to the Outlands, eventually returning to the Capitol as a broken man. Narvin was with him when he woke up during the reboot of the Time Lords' biodata and explained to him what had happened before putting him back to sleep and finding Valyes, sending him to Skaro. (AUDIO: Ascension)

Alternative timelines[]

In an alternative timeline in which Rassilon failed to finish the Eye of Harmony before his death, Matthias was a commentator on the Gallifreyan vidcasts, often presenting the leading stories. (AUDIO: Emancipation, Evolution, Arbitration)