North as he appeared in the second series of Totally Doctor Who

Matthew North, sometimes credited as Matt North served in various capacities in Edward Thomas' art department on the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who. From The Long Game to New Earth he was an uncredited forward dresser.[source needed] He was credited for this work from Tooth and Claw through The Age of Steel. He continued working on the programme on almost every episode as the art department co-ordinator, though on a few occasions in these later series he was again credited as the forward dresser or the standby propsman.

He was the art department co-ordinator for series 1 of Torchwood, and the standby art director for Adrift. Additionally, he was the art department co-ordinator for the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and the supervising art director for the remainder of its first series[source needed].

He was a featured guest in the second series of Totally Doctor Who.

At the conclusion of the fourth series of Doctor Who, he left BBC Wales to become the art director on Holby City.

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