Matthew Lethbridge-Stewart was the half-brother/first cousin of Gordon Conall Lethbridge-Stewart and the uncle of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Matthew was raised under the belief he and Gordon shared the same biological parents, but in fact Gordon was the biological son of their mother, Lillian, and Matthew's uncle, Archie. He had a daughter, Violet, who was roughly the same age as Alistair. (PROSE: The Note) He and Gordon were once very close, but they eventually grew apart. Gordon brought this up with his wife when noting how it was natural for brothers to grow apart with age. (PROSE: The Forgotten Son)

At the outbreak of the Second World War, Matthew did not join the army, and instead worked as a civil servant. This caused Matthew to be the black sheep of his family, and looked down upon by his father. During one family dinner party, his father shouted at him for disgracing the family name. Gordon rose to his defence, and ended his father's tirade of abuse. (PROSE: The Dinner Party)

By 1943, Matthew had renounced the family name, calling himself Matthew Stewart. He joined the Home Guard. Following his help against the Quarks, Matthew was visited by his father and resumed using the family name when he realised he was to the sole inheritor of the family estate. (PROSE: Home Fires Burn)

In the 1970s, Matthew, now once fully embracing his heritage and family name, took over the Lethbridge-Stewart family estate in Appin. (PROSE: Inheritance)

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