"Mathew Sharpe" was one of the Myriad and companion of the Sixth Doctor who, in a stolen body, disguised himself as a space pilot in distress in order to meet the Doctor in 2715.

Biography Edit

He inhabited the body of "Mathew Sharpe" for hundreds of years, and later admitted that he couldn't remember whom the person he possessed was originally called. Mathew deliberately flew his ship into a Time storm over the planet Ormelia in order to get the Sixth Doctor attention. Soon enough, the Doctor arrived to rescue him.

He was promised one trip in the TARDIS, but ended up going on many. He met the Quarks, Mermodons, a Chronosaurus and Mr Peep. They travelled together for quite some time, with Mathew later stating that it is difficult to keep track of time in the TARDIS.

The two later arrived on the Nomad after Mathew faked a distress call, where they combated the Makara and Mathew revealed his true identity. His mission had been to save Juniper Hartigan. (AUDIO: The Lure of the Nomad)

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