Masters of the World was a full-colour comic story original to The Dalek World, a Dalek annual of 1965.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Unispace Security Agent Meric's spacecraft develops problems with its rockets and radio. He lands on a sea cliff on an uncharted planet for repairs. He sees an underwater city and dives below the sea to investigate. In the city, he finds a rocketship containing humanoid duplicates of the Five Presidents of Earth, a duplicate of himself, and written orders for a plan to disarm Earth.

The Daleks enter the rocketship with a prisoner, Unispace Agent Brit. They had hypnotised her with radio waves and used her descriptions of the Earth leaders to construct their duplicates. Thinking he is his own duplicate, the Daleks order Meric to kill her, but he shoots the Daleks instead. They take off in the rocketship, which creates an opening in the plastidome roof of the city. The sea water rushing in destroys Daleks and the other rocketships. Daleks pursue on transolar discs but Brit destroys them with the ship's guns. They return to Earth so scientists can study the Dalek humanoid creations.

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