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Masters of War was the eighth Doctor Who Unbound audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.

Serving as a loose sequel to the second Unbound story, Sympathy for the Devil, this story saw David Warner reprising his role as the Unbound Doctor alongside Nicholas Courtney as the Unbound Universe's version of Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Also featured in this story were Terry Molloy as the Unbound Universe's Davros, and Nicholas Briggs as the Unbound Universe's Daleks.

Narratively, this story is set decades after an alternative version of the creation of the Daleks free of the Doctor's presence, in contrast to Genesis of the Daleks' depiction of the creation of the N-Space Daleks. References are also made to the Unbound Universe's version of the events of The Daleks, refered to as the "Great Siege".

Production-wise, this story was double the length of the previous Unbound stories, being 2 CDs in length, as opposed to 1.

The Unbound Doctor would later appear alongside Bernice Summerfield in The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield, starting with the third volume, The Unbound Universe.

Publisher's summary[]

The Doctor and his travelling companion, retired army officer Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, take a random trip in the TARDIS - and land on the planet Skaro. The Doctor helped the Thals to defeat the Daleks years ago, so he is surprised to find the Thal city under Dalek occupation. He determines to help them again, but what is the Daleks' purpose in keeping the Thals alive? Does it have anything to do with the Daleks' mythical creator, named in their teachings as Davros?


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  • The Doctor uses a sonic screwdriver at one point.
  • Alistair gets food from the TARDIS' food machine.
  • The Quatch are from another dimension.
  • The Quatch Empire has a significant foothold in the same region of space as Skaro.
  • The Daleks mobilise several saucers to attack the Quatch.
  • The Daleks' gunsticks are detachable and can be fired independently of them.
  • Nadel has bipolar disorder.
  • Davros created two species of Daleks at the end of the Kaled-Thal War.
    • One species of Daleks, "the Renegades", were designed to be merciless and unquestioning of their racial superiority to alien species. They attempted to kill Davros when he created them, before abandoning him in favour of conquering the universe. The Doctor and Alistair have both fought these Daleks before, with Alistair having fought against some on Earth in 1972.
    • The second species of Daleks were created with an understanding of pity and mercy. They were abandoned by Davros after he came to believe that they could never be strong, loyal and intelligent all at once. These Daleks decided to search for Davros after he abandoned them, before choosing to return to Skaro upon learning of the Quatch and their plans to conquer the planet. The Doctor notes that he has not encountered these Daleks before.
  • The Daleks plan to transform the Thals into Daleks to fight against the Quatch.



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