Masters of Earth was the one hundred and ninety-third story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown.

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The year is 2163. Ten years since the Daleks invaded the Earth. One year until the Doctor, in his first incarnation, will help bring the occupation to an end. But for now, their reign of terror goes on.

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Peri to Scotlandenslaved, like everywhere else on the planet. But there are rumours of Dalek-free islands off its coast. Places where resistors and refuseniks are coming together, gathering arms and armour, preparing to strike back against the enemy.

When the Doctor falls in with an unlikely group of freedom fighters making that dangerous journey to Orkney, he finds himself trapped — but not only by the Daleks, their robotised henchmen and their human collaborators.

By history.

Because history shows that for another year, resistance is useless...

The rebellion must fail — and as a Time Lord, the Doctor can do nothing to help.

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  • The Doctor compares Moira to Rob Roy, about whom he says he could tell Peri stories.
  • Peri likens the Robomen to Boris Karloff.
  • The Doctor says that his tricks are better than Houdini's.

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  • There is a strong resistance movement in the Orkney islands.
  • There have been resistance movements in Australia and China, but these were crushed by the Daleks within days
  • The Daleks have set-up plantations of Varga plants on Earth.
  • Peri remembers Boston Harbour.

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  • The story's title is often quoted by the Daleks:
  • Taking place in 2163, which is stated to be a year before the invasion ends, the story explicitly dates the Dalek invasion as happening between 2152 (when the meteorite bombardment began, as far as Kyle is able to recall, although his memory is a bit fuzzy) and 2164, based off the calendar the Doctor and Ian find in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. This is at odds with other stories including The Daleks' Master Plan, GodEngine, Lucifer Rising and The Mutant Phase, which date the invasion in the ten years between 2157 and 2167.

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