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Doctor Who: Master of Time is a 2016 pinball table developed for the pinball video game The Pinball Arcade.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

Missy is back with a brand new army...

and only you can help the Doctor in stopping her! Realising the Doctor was the key to Gallifrey's eventual return, factions across the universe aligned themselves with Missy in order to stop the Time Lords from coming back. Realising his time was short, the Doctor called upon his most recent incarnations, and enlisted you as his newest companion, to do combat with this group of familiar adversaries.

Revisit old friends.

Battle against terrifying villains and monsters.

Travel across spacetime with the TARDIS and confront Missy once and for all.

Save the universe with attack eyebrows...

Come on pudding brains, what are you waiting for?

Plot[edit | edit source]

to be added

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Similarly to the previous Docotor Who Pinball, the player has to go seven multiple (here monsters instead of Doctors), each with special rules.

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Story notes[edit | edit source]

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