Maryland was the home state of American Peri Brown.

The Sixth Doctor once tried to take her to her family's home in Maryland, but landed on Christmas 1981, when she would have been still living at home. Following a tiff over the mistimed landing, the two travellers got separated from one another at a kiddie restaurant on the Rockville Pike, one of the main highways in Maryland. Peri was forced to get a hotel room in Bethesda. Later, after being reunited, the duo shared a meal with a couple of new friends in downtown Baltimore. At one point the Doctor was pulled over whilst driving a car on the Beltway, and he produced a current Maryland driver's license from his pocket. (PROSE: Blue Box)

The Doctor was more successful at taking Peri home on another occasion. Landing in Baltimore on 29 September 1984, Peri had to explain to her mother why she had disappeared from Lanzarote and what she had been doing during the intervening months. In order to make amends to her family, Peri briefly left the Doctor's side and tried to re-enrol in university. However, the threat of a Cyberman invasion in the state brought the Doctor and Peri back together. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

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