Mary Whitehouse

Mary Whitehouse, as she appears in DOC: The Matrix Revisited.

Mary Whitehouse CBE was a British campaigner for what she perceived to be values of morality and decency derived from her Christian beliefs. She began by focusing her efforts on the broadcast media, which she regarded as highly influential, and where she felt these values were particularly lacking. Later, she intervened in publications and theatrical productions of which she disapproved. She was involved in several cases of litigation. She was the founder and first president of the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association, now known as mediawatch-uk.

Mary Whitehouse frequently singled out Doctor Who for its violence and frightening scenes, most notably in Genesis of the Daleks where she complained about the Nazi-themed Kaleds and in The Deadly Assassin, where she took a dislike to the third cliffhanger, in which the Fourth Doctor was apparently drowned.

The novel Time of Your Life features Miriam Walker, a character based on Mary Whitehouse.

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