Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly was an East End prostitute and the fifth and final victim of Jack the Ripper in the changed timeline.

Mary Kelly lived at 13 Miller's Court in 1888. On 29 September, she couldn't find her rent. The next day, she was in the Ten Bells pub trying to get Bert to let her and her friend Mary Warner stay the night or to front her some shillings. In the original timeline, she died a year or so after that.

Events changed when Amy Pond went to tell Mary Warner that she would be the next victim. Mac'atyde (the Ripper) would instead abduct the woman Amy warned to run from him. When the Eleventh Doctor and Frederick Abberline organised a stakeout on 8 November, they weren't expecting the Ripper to change targets. At 10 am on 9 November, a child informed Abberline that there had been a murder in 13 Miller's Court. The Doctor felt the universe rewriting itself.

In 2011, a Jack the Ripper walk guide named Kelly as the fifth canonical victim. (COMIC: Ripper's Curse)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Mary Kelly is the historical fifth victim. A fifth victim was referenced but not named in earlier Doctor Who novels.
  • She was played by Lysette Anthony in the TV-movie Jack the Ripper.
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