Martin Baugh provided costumes for every Doctor Who story from The Abominable Snowmen to The Mind Robber. Because of the division of labour between departments in the production of 1960s Doctor Who, he was responsible for the original design of adversaries who were realised by actors wearing costumes, like the Ice Warriors, the Yeti, and the Quarks. (BBC DVD: The Dominators) He was not, however, truly responsible for the design of the White Robots, as those were a reused costume from another BBC production. (BBC DVD: The Mind Robber)

He also had a notable impact upon the development of the Cybermen. He was the first to give the Cybermen a "teardrop eye" design, something that persisted even into the BBC Wales era. Indeed, his Wheel in Space design of the Cyber-head was the first to dispense with markings that highlighted the eyes and mouth. In effect, he was the first to create a head that looked like it was die-cast from a single metal. Moreover, he was the first to make the Cyber-costume completely silver, implying a totally metallic body. This notion, too, would be a key element of most subsequent Cyber-designs, and was especially important in the design of the BBC Wales version of Cybermen.

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