Martin was a fourteen-thousand year old alien from Frantige Two.

Martin hired Prubert Gastridge to introduce the "selfish meme" on planets to lead them to armageddon 1000 years later. When the planets reached the stage of armageddon, they lost the protection of the Galactic Heritage, making them available for sale to the highest bidder.

Martin then created an android called Dittero Shandy who would kill of the highest bidders of planets, leaving Martin's low bid the successful one. This meant that he could buy planets cheaply and re-sell them for a large profit.

Charlton Mackerel began using his invention, the Tomorrow Window to try to save some of the planets. Martin tried to stop this by sending android assassins to kill him. This failed several times, even when Martin sent his better equipped Ceccecs to do the job.

Fitz Kreiner figured out that Shandy was murdering bidders and was forced to return to Martin. Martin then send Shandy to destroy Minuea and kill Charlton Mackerel by placing an Electron bomb inside him. This failed and Martin was followed back to his hideout by the Eighth Doctor and Mackerel. Martin managed to escape to Gadrahadradon where he attempted to assassinate the original inventor of the Tomorrow Window, Astrabel Zar, before he passed his invention on to his earlier self. Martin succeeded in killing Zar and then turned his weapon on the Doctor and his companions. Prubert Gastridge then charged towards Martin, disarmed him and shot him. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

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