Martin was attending a party at a student house, when it was gate-crashed by "zombies". He escaped, but later found himself maliciously locked in a café as zombie bait by a cowardly old man.

He attended the party on Gabalfa Road with a group of friends, including Jace and Hayley. When a man burst in and bit into Hayley's forearm, Martin and another student grappled him to the floor then, with the help of Jace and three other partygoers, locked him in the cellar.

When Andy Davidson and Dawn Stratton arrived to investigate the incident, Martin gave an account of what had happened, before the pair entered the cellar to apprehend the perpetrator. Andy and Dawn arose from the cellar to find the house being attacked by zombies.

Escaping the scene, Martin later found himself trapped inside a café with a girl near Callaghan Square, when an old man blocked the exit with two stainless-steel bins. A couple, Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, attempted to help them by pushing the bins clear of the doors. They managed to move one as the zombies broke into the café, but were unable to move the second. Martin and the girl were butchered by the dead.

Martin was a gangly, bearded youth. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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