Mars was the fourth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Solar System. It was written by Trevor Baxendale. It featured the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven Taylor.

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The Doctor and Vicki are on Phobos Station, trying to find Steven on the surface of Mars. When the TARDIS detected a distress signal, Steven had taken a ship to rescue the pilot, Hazam, but the two of them crashed on Mars. The station is unable to send help because of the storm raging on the surface. However, Vicki and the Doctor are hopeful after a technician detects two space suits' transponder codes. Commander Tugwell is adamant against sending help, as it is too risky. When Hazam's mother, Ambassador Grys, arrives, the situation is explained to her.

On the surface, Steven pulls an injured Hazam from the wreckage. They have little oxygen left, and Hazam seems resigned to dying, refusing to do anything to save himself. Steven, trying to find shelter, drags Hazam through the storm, using up his oxygen more quickly. During a rest, a rock hits his face shield and it cracks. Before he can suffocate, Hazam seals the crack with water that instantly freezes. Steven, running out of oxygen, begins to lose consciousness.

The Doctor urges Tugwell to let him take a ship to the surface, offering to pilot it himself. Tugwell finally agrees, but decides to pilot the ship himself. Steven and Hazam wake on the station, and Hazam thanks Steven.

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