Marmalade was a jelly.

Marmalade was invented in the late 18th century. According to legend, it was invented when Marie Antoinette, who was ill, requested a fine orange cake, and her cook was so worried she ruined the cake, but invented marmalade, called so because she kept saying "Ma'am est malade" while making it. (PROSE: Dead of Winter)

Walker ordered a breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, and rough-cut marmalade. (TV: The Sea Devils)

While having a breakfast of toast, marmalade and coffee, Nyssa recalled eating toast and marmalade at Cranleigh Hall on 11 June 1925. (TV: Black Orchid, PROSE: Lonely Days)

While at George Litefoot's London residence in 1894, the Eighth Doctor and the professor had kedgeree, grilled sheep's kidneys, toast, marmalade and tea for breakfast. (PROSE: The Bodysnatchers)

When the Tenth Doctor was in the kitchen with Rose Tyler and Trish Webber, he ate orange marmalade with his fingers, which Rose found rude and gestured for him to stop. (TV: Fear Her)

The Second Doctor named his cat-like pet "Marmaduke" because it was the colour of marmalade. (PROSE: Constant Companion)

Hex liked marmalade. (AUDIO: The Veiled Leopard)

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