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Mark Seven was an android member of the Space Security Service and a colleague of Jason Corey and Sara Kingdom.

He was equipped with a loyalty circuit, an emotion circuit subservient to his relentless logic, and an infraspectrum-sensitive vision circuit.

In the late 40th century, Mark Seven travelled with fellow SSS members Jason Corey and Sara Kingdom on the Space Exploration Team mission to the surface of the giant meteorite M5. Within two days, the Exploration Team, which included Sara's brother David Kingdom, had established a pre-fabricated base called Explorer Base One, protected by a force field. They believed the meteorite devoid of intelligent life, but the base was attacked by Daleks while the SSS agents were searching the wider area. The only survivor from the crew was David, who was taken captive for interrogation. Discovering the Daleks' secret underground hideout, the SSS agents tried to rescue David and destroy the Daleks, but arrived too late to stop the Dalek ship escaping with their prisoner. (AUDIO: The Destroyers)

Mark Seven wrote a file about the incident, which Mavic Chen consulted when he and Bret Vyon met Sara Kingdom "so many years" later in 3999. (AUDIO: The Guardian of the Solar System)

Behind the scenes Edit

Mark Seven originally debuted alongside Sara Kingdom in 1966's The Dalek Outer Space Book and had further appearances throughout the 1970s Dalek annuals.

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