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Mark Bannen was the son of Alex and Sonia Bannen in the 22nd century. Although they had the money to circumvent the eugenics lottery, they decided to go through the proper channels and were lucky enough to be selected to have a child. Alex was teaching at MexTech in 2146 when America's economy collapsed, and while he was able to escape on the last ship out, he believed Mark and Sonia died in the food riots. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising) In actuality, they both survived. (PROSE: Parasite)

Years later, while working on Project Eden in the Lucifer system, Alex created a simularity of his son. When he figured out how to modify morphic fields with the Angels' technology in Belial, he made this simularity into a physical being. He and his son joined together and became the feedback mechanism within Moloch in the form of its vegetation. (PROSE: Lucifer Rising)

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