Mark Ayres was a composer for some of the stories of the final two seasons of classic Doctor Who.

He has also worked with the Doctor Who Restoration Team remastering soundtracks for DVD release and for the BBC's CD release of missing stories.

Additionally, he composed the music for Wartime, The Zero Imperative and The Devil of Winterborne and was a producer on Shakedown: Return of the Sontarans. In 2017, he returned for composing duties with the incidental score for the until-then incomplete serial Shada.

In 2015, the original sample of the 5.1 baseline from the Howell theme 2007 remaster and some sound effects was leaked on Reddit. Since then, many YouTubers archived the samples are created groups. One being the Doctor Who Theme Music Library and another being the Theme Remix Society. Each group on Discord hold dicussions about themes, recreating, isolating and remixing. Some people have access to higher rankings and have access to isolated and leaked material. The leaked material is currently not in the public domain.

In March 2018 he took possession of sound recordings of missing episodes from fan Graham Strong before Graham sadly died later that year. He still remains the custodian of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop's archive of music scores and sound effects.

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In addition, Ayres also composed music for the Myth Makers video series by Reeltime Pictures and the parody film Myth Runner.

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