Mariatu was the daughter of Chief Yembe of the Royoke village. As a young officer stationed in Sierra Leone, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart fathered a son, Mariama, with her. Mariama was the father of Kadiatu, who was the namesake for the late 21st century child Kadiatu whom Yembe Lethbridge-Stewart adopted. (PROSE: Transit)

Mariatu went on to marry Kandeh, and together they bore a daughter, Aminuta. Both Mariatu and Kandeh were open about the heritage of Mariama, and in 1963 Mariama and Kandeh finally bonded over a game of football - Mariama was unaware that, in this instance, Kandeh's body was inhabited by his real father, Alistair from 2011. (PROSE: And the Crowd Goes Wild)

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