General Mariah Learman was ruler of New Britain some time in the 2050s. She was obsessed with William Shakespeare and researched time travel methods in an effort to preserve Shakespeare's work, and frequently quoted from Shakespeare's plays.

She was also part of a time loop involving the Daleks.

At a crucial point in her time travel experiments, a Dalek escape time corridor locked onto her time travel experiment, which utilised orthopositronium, bringing the Daleks to the palace. She attempted contact with one of the Daleks, the pilot, destroying it.

Through a series of events, the Daleks made a working time travel machine out of Learman's equipment. However, they required a pilot for their ship with the requisite time travel knowledge.

Learman was chosen to replace the Dalek that had been destroyed. She was given drugs to begin the mutation and forced through an area filled with radiation, force-growing her into a Dalek mutant and was placed inside a Dalek casing. The Learman Dalek was sent back to the Daleks' ship and she became the Dalek she encountered in her past. (AUDIO: The Time of the Daleks)