Mariah was a converted London taxi owned by Darius Pike. She stayed in the garage and was under almost constant maintenance by Darius.(K9TV: Regeneration)


She could communicate in a feminine voice, operated under a voice recognition system and could move without the presence of a Human driver. She appreciated Darius clearing out junk food wrappers from the back seat.


In 1963, Mariah was originally owned by Darius' great-grandfather William Pike, she was later modernised to run on alternative technology and given a cybernetic brain. (K9TV: The Cambridge Spy)

William's cab was never identified as Mariah but as it appeared identical to her and the official K9 site states that she was a converted ancient cab, it is likely it was. [1]

Darius and Starkey drove in Mariah on their way to Dauntless Prison. (K9TV: Liberation)

When Drake tried to turn Darius to his side when he framed K9, he had K9's duplicate severely damage Mariah at night. This made Darius furious, but when a CCPC grabbed Jorjie he stayed on K9's side. (K9TV: Jaws of Orthrus)

One night, Darius slept inside Mariah, there a dream induced by the Bodach had him being surrounded by Clowns inside the car. He begged Mariah to open the door but she simply said she couldn't do that and that their destination was the circus. (K9TV: Dreameaters)

When Darius was banished from the Gryffen Manor he drove off in Mariah. When the Anubian Geb tried to hypnotise him, Mariah knocked him out by opening her door in his face. (K9TV: Curse of Anubis)

Darius used Mariah to drive the defective CCPC Birdie to a safe place. (K9TV: Mutant Copper)


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