In an alternate timeline in which the UK-201 never crashed on Dido, Maria Dalton was the daughter of Vicki Pallister and Jeran Dalton, together with her sister Carla Dalton (originally). Several modifications to the timeline by Vicki created further branching timelines which affected Maria's life.

Biography Edit

First and second timelines Edit

Maria's parents met when her grandfather, Newton Pallister, was killed by a meteor shower. Jeran comforted the grieving Vicki and in later years they married, eventually giving birth to two girls, Carla and Maria. Maria had blond hair and green eyes.

Maria grew up to work as a politician. Her party eventually put her forward for the position of governor. As governor, Maria was able to negotiate peace with rebel forces who launched a destructive campaign against the government on Astra. Her own sister had been killed at the start of the rebellion.

Her father died of space plague while he attended a conference intended to deal with the matter. Maria visited his grave around the same time as the peace negotiations took place, although in a second timeline created by Vicki once she learned she could modify pivotal moments in her life, she prevented Jeran's death.

Third timeline Edit

With her new ability, Vicki travelled back to prevent Carla from leaving for the Outer Provinces where she was killed. The rebels gained the upper hand in the new timeline. Maria was put forward for the position of governor by her party but she turned it down in favour of tackling the refugee crisis sparked by the growing rebellion. The new governor failed to negotiate with the rebels. Maria's family became refugees as the government stood on the cusp of surrender.

Fourth timeline Edit

After Vicki saved her father from dying in the meteor shower, she never met Jeran. Maria was never born.

Fifth timeline Edit

Vicki tried to meet Jeran again and return to her family life. However, very subtle changes to the course of events, together with pure chance, meant that Maria was born very different. She didn't have blond hair or green eyes and had an older brother named Carl rather than a sister named Carla. Vicki was horrified by the realisation that she could never see her daughter as she knew her again. This convinced her to return to the UK-201's fateful flight and allow the prime timeline to play out.

Prime timeline Edit

After Vicki escaped the alternate timeline and returned to travelling with the First Doctor, Maria never existed. Vicki, however, could still remember her experiences and chose to preserve the memory of her family. (AUDIO: The Crash of the UK-201)

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