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Margaret Hopwood was a companion of Fourth Doctor.


Early life[]

In 1915, when Margaret was four years old, her family left London and moved to Ravencliff to escape the bombings caused by World War I. Two years later, she was visited by the Ravencliff witch on the beach outside her home and felt as though the witch was trying to warn her of something. Shortly after, she discovered that her father had died in the Battle of Passchendaele. Decades later, she still lived in Ravencliff and made a living as a sculptor. (AUDIO: The Ravencliff Witch)

Meeting the Doctor[]

Margaret disapproved of the Ravencliff power plant, which she believed to be a blight on her town. She refused to sell her property to the owners of the plant, who wanted to use the land to expand the power plant. She assisted the Fourth Doctor in investigating strange phenomena in Ravencliff surrounding the power plant and the Ravencliff witch. (AUDIO: The Ravencliff Witch)

She was captured by the Nine and placed in a prison along with various other companions. She could be heard bemoaning the fact that she was not young any more, and begged to be let out. (AUDIO: Companion Piece)


One of her sculptures eventually went on display at the Braxiatel Collection and the Fourth Doctor was aware of her and her work by reputation alone. (AUDIO: The Ravencliff Witch)

Behind the scenes[]

Companion Piece never stated which Doctor Margaret travelled with. Although she was kept in the same corridor in which the Nine kept the Fourth Doctor companions, it was not until the The Ravencliff Witch (released almost three years later) that she appeared alongside the Fourth Doctor, in her true introduction.