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Marcipor, also known as Marc, was a companion of the Fifth Doctor.

A slave to Cicero, Marc was freed by his master during an adventure with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Nyssa, during which he accepted the offer of joining them in the TARDIS. After some adventures, he became a Cyberman.


Early life[]

Marc served as a slave to Marcus Tullius Cicero in the 1st century BC Roman Republic. He was devoted to his master and spoke highly of him, (AUDIO: Tartarus) sometimes accompanying him to the colosseums to watch gladiators, where the audience's cheering left an impression on Marc. (AUDIO: Warzone) He secretly taught himself how to read and write Latin and had a superb memory thanks to his having to memorise lists to serve his master. (AUDIO: Tartarus)

Travels in the TARDIS[]

Meeting the Doctor[]

By 63 BC, Marc was serving Cicero in Cumae. That year, whilst serving drinks at a party at the villa, Marc met the Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Nyssa, with whom he and Cicero were transported into another realm by Tartarus. Marc used his navigation skills to help locate the three keys that they were tasked with recovering, prompting Tartarus to select him as the new leader of the extinct Zorth. During the adventure, Nyssa invited him aboard the TARDIS, an offer that he accepted. (AUDIO: Tartarus)

First adventures[]

Marc was given a bedroom aboard the TARDIS, but found himself unable to relax in a large and comfortable bed, instead sleeping on the floor for his first night. His first adventure was to the Space Station Proxima in the 30th century where he helped defeat Kalu. On Proxima, he learnt of the translation circuit, energy, sliding doors and interstitial time. (AUDIO: Interstitial)

In 19th century Ireland, Marc and Tegan slept in at an inn whilst the Doctor and Nyssa explored. Marc and Tegan found and rescued the Doctor and Nyssa, who had been possessed by the Spae Wife. They successfully managed to restore her, with Marc attempting to by reminding her of Tartarus and Proxima. (AUDIO: Feast of Fear)

On Samotis, Marc joined and excelled at the Warzone obstacle marathon, seeing it as his own chance to win a test of glory just as the gladiators did in his time. He outpaced his friends and was sent by the course down its most dangerous trail, resulting in him fracturing one leg and breaking half a dozen of his ribs, causing severe blood loss. He and Tegan were taken to a medical bay whilst the Doctor was taken into custody. In the medical bay, Tegan gave ill-informed consent for Florence to repair Marc, partially converting him into a Cyberman. (AUDIO: Warzone)


Marc and Tegan. (AUDIO: Warzone/Conversion)

The Cyber-Leader sought to infiltrate human populations with Marc's partially converted body. (AUDIO: Conversion) He lost his sense of self until Nyssa shut down the race, allowing the TARDIS crew to take Marc to the TARDIS (AUDIO: Warzone) where he stayed with Nyssa and Combatta whilst the Doctor and Tegan sought a way to save him. His conversion rewrote his biology, causing him pain.

Combatta studied Marc with the intention of adapting his Cyber-technology to her own ends, prompting the Cybermen to initiate full physiological control of Marc's body and having him kill her. Fortunately, the Doctor and Nyssa were able to hack the mainframe and reverse all mental reprogramming, restoring each Cyberman's memories and allowing Marc to regain control of his body.

In the aftermath, the Doctor took his companions to Callanna and left them behind with a great deal of money, feeling that they needed some time apart due to his guilt over Marc's conversion. (AUDIO: Conversion) The Doctor visited Cicero, but did not tell him what became of Marc. (AUDIO: Tartarus)

Later adventures[]

Marc struggled with his new situation, unable to sleep, not needing to eat and having increased strength and speed, and was angry with the Doctor for leaving him. He and Mison acted as bait to distract Bella and Grumma and allow Nyssa, Tegan and Cott to stop them, after which the Doctor returned for them. (AUDIO: Madquake)

Unhappy with the Doctor, Marc initially refused to leave the TARDIS when they landed on Soresia, but hoped that the Welkin might be able to cure him of his conversion. He knew that there was more to Fabrico than she let on and told her that he would free her if he could, both of them being robotic slaves. He saved Nyssa from the vapours, which served as proof for the Doctor that his companions could look after themselves and that he should trust them in future. (AUDIO: The Lost Resort)

On RMS Oceanic, Marc helped raise the sea anchor to ensure that Nellie Bly would not be delayed and later rescued Tegan after she was left at the top of the mast. He ran and jumped onto the train to Los Angeles and leapt from it with Nellie after Marion Jones tricked her into getting onto it rather than the Nellie Bly Special, after which he, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan remained with her until the end of her mission. (AUDIO: The Perils of Nellie Bly)


Affected by the Daleks, Marc changed the TARDIS' coordinates to take them to XB93 before collapsing. The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan put him in a sleep pod, causing him to find himself in the dream world where he encountered the mutants for the first time. He and Jez tried to save Foster, whom Marc returned for after Jez died and he awoke.

Marc chose to take the Doctor's place and to remain in the dream world to keep the Daleks at bay, believing that the Fates had brought him here for that very purpose and wanting to honour Jez and Foster so that they did not die for nothing. He planned to reform the dream world into something nicer and bid his friends farewell, promising that he would remember them. The Doctor asked Chelmer to guard his body in the physical world, which he believed would last for quite some time. (AUDIO: Nightmare of the Daleks)


Marc was physically fit (AUDIO: Warzone) and wore a toga in his own time. (AUDIO: Tartarus) After joining the TARDIS crew, he began wearing "modern" clothes. (AUDIO: Feast of Fear)

Behind the scenes[]

Marc was portrayed by George Watkins, a nephew of Peter Davison.