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March was a month.

By year

One Tuesday night in March 2007 was "when it all changed" for LINDA. Victor Kennedy, also known as the Abzorbaloff, discovered LINDA and quickly took command of the group to help him find the Doctor so he could absorb the Time Lord and gain access to the TARDIS. (TV: Love & Monsters) He also assimilated a secretary into his body. (WC: Tardisode 10)

In 2197, the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe returned to the Valiant in the TARDIS from their trip to 7 September 1952. Since they departed on 16 January, thousands of the crew had fallen victim to Hayman, heard an old bell and walked through an even more ancient, impossible door in open space to their deaths. The Doctor covered the entrance to the door, and dematerialised, bringing the portal door with it. Meanwhile, Captain Tanya Oswin of the Valiant ordered nuclear missiles to be launched at the location where the door had been. The remaining crew evacuated, but companion Evelyn Smythe stayed behind out of faith for her friend. The Doctor, after visiting "Time's End" with Hayman, changed the coordinates of his ship so that the missiles would destroy it circa 50,000,000,000 BC. The Doctor and Evelyn, having saved humanity from one of its predecessors, departed. (AUDIO: The Nowhere Place)

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