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Manussa, also known as G139901KB, was the homeworld of the Manussans and a melting-pot of cultural influences. It was also the birthplace of the Mara.

Planetary statistics[]

Manussa was a type 314S planet, (TV: Snakedance) with at least one moon known as Grey-Eye. It was the fourth planet (PROSE: The Terrible Manussa) in the Scrampus System, and the third planet in the Federation System. Its atmosphere was 98% Earth normal and its gravity 96% Earth normal, with a blue sky, and at least part of the planet was desert. (TV: Snakedance)

Manussa's flora and fauna included snakes, tuk-tuks, roses, and palm trees.


When ruled by the Princess Manussa (The Terrible Manussa), the Union of the Snake became the only religion on Manussa after all creeds were outlawed and all temples converted to Mara worship. (PROSE: The Terrible Manussa)

Tuk-tuks and taxis were used for transporation. The Naga Hills had a reservation for snake herders, which were considered with reverence. The Great Snake was one of the ancient emblems of Manussa. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake)


Manussa was the centre of two great star-empires: the Manussan Empire which existed in the Manussan year 2215, and the Sumaran Empire in 2326 which was ruled by the Mara for three hundred years, known as the Sumaran Era. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake, TV: Snakedance)

The Federator defeated the Mara in 2626 and banished it to the Dark Places of the Inside, freeing Manussa, which celebrated its defeat every ten years. Five hundred years later in 3126, when the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan were directed there by the Mara, Manussa was a colony planet of the all-powerful Federation of Three Worlds, with an economy based on subsistence agriculture and tourism. The Mara attempted to manifest again, but was defeated. (TV: Snakedance)

The Sixth Doctor later sang about his adventures, mentioning Manussa among the planets he'd saved. (AUDIO: Doctor Who and the Pirates)

Jenny was on her way to Manussa when she became trapped by Sisyphus. (AUDIO: The Crowmarsh Experiment)