The Manager was a Chameleon who had taken over the identity of the Manager of the leisure world Krennos. He had a weak personality, largely due to the personality of the original Manager.

When the Sixth Doctor, Crystal, Jason and Zog landed on Krennos, the Manager wondered if this Doctor was the same as the one they had met before. He ordered Gerry and Susie to have the Doctor's companions killed, then changed his mind because it might make the Doctor suspicious, then changed it again when Zog found the swimming pool containing the bodies of those used by the Chameleons.

When the plant life began attacking the dome, there was nothing that could be done to stop it. The Manager, realising this, and finding the courage in his real personality, absorbed the planet's identity and put it in a coma. He was killed in the process. (PROSE: Face Value)

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