The Manager was in charge of Work Centre 117 in an alternate 22nd century England, who pretended to be serving the Daleks but was really a secret member of the rebels.

While pretending to be interrogating the Third Doctor, the Manager whispered to him that he was on his side. The Controller then arrived to say the Doctor was an honoured guest of their government and, after the Doctor had been taken on ahead, the Manager was warned that the work centre's production figures were the lowest compared to any other in the zone; and if they weren't increased by 10%, the outlook would not be good for the Manager — or his family.

After this threat from the Controller, the Manager contacted the members of the guerrillas by radio, but was overheard by an Ogron and was struck down.

Whether the Manager was killed by the Ogron at the scene or later executed remains unclear. (TV: Day of the Daleks)

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