The Management was an artificial intelligence which ran Zamper for the consortium that had created the ship-building facilities on the planet.

It controlled the herdmind of the Zamps, making them build the vessels. The system functioned as intended for over four hundred years. However, by the time of the Seventh Doctor's arrival on the planet four hundred and seventy-three years after the consortium had set up the facilities, the Management was breaking down.

The Zamp herdmind had gained control of the Management and was using it to evolve themselves, creating the Zamploops. They were then going to conquer the galaxy in retaliation for their centuries of mistreatment.

But when they left the planet in their egg-carrier, the Chelonian fleet destroyed itself to stop them. The lack of any living Zamps meant the herdmind no longer existed, leaving the Management with no connection to reality.

However, there were still Zamp eggs under the planet. When they hatched forty thousand years later, the link with the Management would have been reestablished. Roz Forrester knew about the eggs and told the Doctor, who made himself a note to eventually deal with the problem. (PROSE: Zamper)

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